Six evenings to regain excitement, focus and productivity in your career.

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There's a world of possibilities.

This course will help you determine where you currently stand in both your career & your

life. You'll feel excited and inspired to imagine the best possible future for yourself. You'll come away understanding the need to

create a strategic plan and how to act on it - because imagination without action remains in the realm of dreams.

Embrace your life!

What Rekindling the Vision will cover:

  • The value of self discovery
  • The importance of fun
  • Making your vision your reality
  • Ensuring your success
  • The power of your words, thoughts, actions and beliefs
  • Feel the burn (maintaining success)


  • Clarify your vision of your ideal future
  • Determine the challenges holding you back
  • Uncover hidden mindsets sabotaging your efforts
  • Explore new perspectives and possibilities
  • Leave inspired and motivated to take the next steps

The Career Exploration Process

STEP 1: Self – Assessment

Decide what you want from your next career move by identifying your:


-Relevant Interests

-Work Values



STEP 2: Researching Occupations

Identify your options and gather information about them:

-What alternatives do you have?

-What does each alternative involve?

STEP 3: Deciding

Evaluate the options and decide:

-What are the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative?

-Decide which option(s) meet your requirements the best

STEP 4: Planning for Action

Develop a plan of action:

-What must you do to make your decision a reality?

-What might prevent you from doing so?

-How will you overcome those barriers?

-Plan, in a step-by-step manner, how you will accomplish the goal

you have chosen.

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The program dates:

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Coming Soon

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Queen's Court Building

#350 - 625 Agnes Street

New Westminster, BC

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I am dedicated to helping professionals get back to work in their chosen profession. I hold  regular informational sessions about my program in New Westminster, BC.

I invite you to attend this seminar to get a taste of who I am and what I can offer you. Seats are limited, so register NOW - make it happen.

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