I'm Winnie Furber, an employment counselor with over 10 years' experience helping professionals get their career back on track. 

I have created a program for you.

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I don't think people really understand the fear, anxiety and frustration of job loss until they have a hard time finding one. I've walked in your shoes. I emigrated to a country where I didn't know the language, didn't have my credentials recognized, and didn't have the right experience. When I came back to Canada, I had to start from scratch and create a plan. Within a month I was working at the most prestigious employment agency in Vancouver.


I specialize in helping professionals who are used to making a high income and having employers seek them out, but who have found themselves in uncharted territory searching for work. They are not used to marketing themselves and are in jeopardy of losing their confidence - and that is a career-killer. I have a tried and true job search system that will help you get your career back on track. 


If you are an immigrant, stop wasting time and money listening to people who are telling you to take any Canadian job or go to a Canadian college. You need to understand Canadian employment culture and what employers are looking for in order to win at this game. I can teach you the tools you need.